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Do you know how much your company is spending on office printing? If you’re like 90% of companies today you too may find it very difficult to track, measure and control your exact print volumes and costs.

Your printing devices could be costing you much more than you think. Next to rent and utilities, print tends to be the next most expensive operating expense for most organizations.

In order to create the most cost effective and productive print environment, it is important to complete a quick and easy print assessment to inventory your print devices, determine your actual print volumes and your actual print related expenses.

Your post assessment RMC fact-based report will include answers to these three key questions

  • Which departments and users print the most documents?
  • What types of devices are being printed from?
  • What is your actual cost per page and overall print related expense?

Our analysis will also include observations and opportunities to improve in the following areas

  • Waste reduction
  • Print controls & best practices
  • Greener print strategy & recycling advantages

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